We are Sun Devil Woodwork. We are focused on building unique, quality, and functional furniture, full of character and full of stories. Trained in various construction trades and woodworking techniques, our focus rests in our ability to think outside the box. We fall back on simplicity and craftsmanship above all else.

Ally Arts

Ally was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, graduating from Arizona State University. The name Sun Devil Woodwork plays homage to Ally’s home state of Arizona and where she ultimately graduated University. Ally grew up in the field of construction, and always had a multitude of scrap wood and tools in her backyard (aka the latest job site). Forced to entertain herself with what she was surrounded by, building small picture frames, chiseling large pieces of rock, and seeing how quickly she could hammer nails into a scrap 2×4 became her barbies and video games.

She started her career working on political campaigns, thriving on the long days and stressful hours, which ultimately led her to Washington, DC. Searching for a hobby after one campaign season, Ally finally decided to follow her father’s footsteps into the world of building. Starting out with a simple circular saw and drill, she built her first table, shocked at her ability. From there, she has continued to push herself and grow in this new field.

From taking apart (but not always putting back together) furniture as a child, to creating beautiful works of art, Ally has embarked on a journey that has truly allowed her to follow her passion. She hopes to create furniture that provides function and style, that is purposeful and useful..that central piece that brings a room together.



This is where we will talk about our latest projects, random musings, and tips and tricks we want to share with the community.

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DIY Giant Jenga

Growing up, summer always meant barbecues – with my parents, with the neighbors, at friends houses, and especially after swim meets.. even when it was 110+ degrees outside. So when summer finally hit here and we got our new grill set up, I was so excited to finally host a barbecue with all our friends over. But I couldn’t just have any old barbecue..


This is where we will talk about our latest projects, random musings, and tips and tricks we want to share with the community.


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